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Experience the convenience of instant connections and seamless interactions with digital NFC Cards!

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Whether you're optimizing your business processes, elevating customer interactions, or maximizing networking efficiency, such cards give you the tools to achieve it all!

Business NFC Cards: Notable Features

Digital business cards enhance how you connect and expand your network, offering instant sharing, personalization, and adaptability for seamless use.

01Share Instantly

Share contact information instantly by Tap or scan.

02Capture lead

Share contact information instantly by Tap or scan.

03Grow Business

Share contact information instantly by Tap or scan.

Did You Know?

2+ Million People

Have experienced networking with Mobilo

120+ Countries

Professional networking without borders

2100+ Teams

Big and small companies love the tools we built

No Time Barier

Wherever you go, we will be there with you

Share Your Profile With Anyone

How It Works

share your profile with a simple scan to someone’s phone. They don’t need the app!.

Start customizing your profile. When your product arrives, simply activate it to your profile. Choose from our variety of products designed to fit the on-the-go, ready-whenever lifestyle.

What our clients says

“This is one of many reasons why I found NFC, but I was also blown away by how finely tuned the information is”

Mason Maldonado · CEO, Amazing Company

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What questions do your clients usually ask?

To purchase a package, start by reviewing the available packages and selecting the one that best aligns with your business needs. Once you have chosen it, you can proceed to checkout. Then select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

What are the payment options?

Our primary payment method is by card; however, for clients in Lebanon, we also accept cash payments due to current circumstances.

What happens after purchasing the package?

After purchasing this package, you will be asked to enter your relevant information and upload the necessary documents to begin the process immediately. A delay in sending the needed content will result in a delay in project initiation.

How can I keep track of the work and communicate with you?

To monitor the progress and stay in touch with the team, you will have access to our dashboard. It is a central hub where all communication takes place, and where you can view your purchases, submit requests, and track deliveries. Once purchase is done, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the dashboard.